Brenda & Riot

In March 2012 I was in Seattle, Washington competing is agility with my Eskie, Indie. It was also the American Eskimo Dog National Specialty that weekend. On my way over to the conformation ring I saw a dog that took my breath away. That dog was Inuk! His beauty caught my attention at first but as I watched him enter the ring, it was how he commanded attention that kept my attention. I loved how he enjoyed showing. He was goofy and just having a great time in the ring with his handler, Graeme Burton. I had to ask to see him closer afterward. I took a photo and posted it on Facebook saying I was in lust with this dog. Sharon saw the post and our friendship had begun.

It was a dream to have an Inuk puppy. I wanted to wait until my other boy finished his AKC agility championship to get a puppy. However, I didn’t think flying to Canada from Washington State was feasible, especially with the CDC regulations. I sent Sharon an email the summer of 2015 asking if there was a puppy available in the Inuk & Ember breeding that was due. As luck would have it, there was a boy and he was going to be mine! I already had a name picked out – Nuuktok’s Causing a Commotion, his call name would be Riot. 

Sharon was incredibly helpful with all the required paperwork and made it all seem easy. I could not believe I had hesitated. The flights, the drive to her home, going through customs and flying with a puppy was a breeze. 

I loved following the growth of the puppies on Facebook. Sharon had done so many special things to help with their development. One thing that impressed me a lot was the puppy playground she put together. She does several types of development and socialization training to assure the puppy has a great start in their new homes. Two such crucial things, is she litter box and crate trains them so potty training and crating from the start is already set into place. 

Riot is such a fun boy. He is a quick learner. He fell in love immediately with his big brother, Indie. His temperament is so wonderful and makes all we do so easy. He is a joy to take places, with meeting other dogs, as well as people. He loves children and is behaved but cant wait to see them and be petted. I keep him busy with all kinds of activities. He earned his CGC at 6 months and his Advanced CGC at 15 months. He earned three trick titles at 9 months. He earned his Novice Rally title at 12 months. He earned his Novice Barn Hunt title at 15 months. He became a UKC Champion at 11 months. He also became an AKC Champion at 13 months which was a huge dream of mine. He has a FAST CAT title. He earned his AKC Achiever Title at 22 months. 

My passion is competing is dog agility and he has already earned novice titles is three different venues. We are also working on his Advanced Rally titles, his lure coursing titles and farm dog certification. I have done some therapy work with him and he loves showing off his tricks. He is happy to curl up with patients and elementary school students while being read to and is polite with handicapped people. He does body conditioning work with equipment on a weekly basis. He is an avid swimmer and we go 2-3 times a week. He runs along side my bicycle and rides the treadmill regularly. We also go hiking often and he can be off leash frequently. He knows his allowed distance from me and I have taught him to lie down when others approach. 

Riot is the fourth Eskie I have had the pleasure to share my life with. He is the most cuddly of all. He likes to spoon you and put his head on you. He also an extremely goofy side too.  He has a morning play ritual with his treats and will run, slide and drop along side you when he wants to play. Simply put, I love him to the moon and back! 

I have no hesitation where my next Eskie puppy is coming from. 

Brenda Veldink


Janna & Kivi

Sharon Robertson of Nuuktok American Eskimos is an amazing person who has accomplished much in her years of breeding American Eskimo Dogs.  Her wonderful and immensely popular Inuk has captured the hearts of many people with 9 Westminster Kennel Club best of breed wins, setting an all time record for any breed, in addition to many other championships too numerous to mention.  But Inuk is not the only star resulting from Sharon’s breeding program.  Many dogs produced by Sharon over the years have excelled in the sports of obedience, rally, agility, herding and many have earned championships in the conformation ring both in Canada and the USA.

So what do you get when you work with Sharon to get the puppy of your dreams?  Sharon not only breeds for beauty, but for temperament, structure, health and brains; all of the things that will make your puppy a well-adjusted member of your family; a highly competitive sport dog should that interest you, or a champion in the show ring.  Sharon will work with you to help you to find the perfect puppy that meets your lifestyle and goals.

So how does Sharon do this?  Sharon carefully plans every breeding.  She as a responsible breeder who selects sires and dams who have been health tested which minimizes the risk that your puppy will be born with genetically inherited health issues.  Sharon does this by keeping abreast of genetic research being done and through her many connections and partnerships within the breeding community who also share her passion for the continuous improvement of the breed.  Resulting puppies are raised with lots of love, socialization and attention.  By the time the puppies are 8 weeks old; she knows which puppies are meant to be companions and which are destined to be future breeding stock or competitive sport dog champions.   Sharon also utilizes the Early Neurological Stimulation program, commencing on day 3 to and up to day _16.  This program gives each puppy, whether destined to be a pet or champion, the best possible opportunity for improvement in its natural abilities.

I cannot say enough about Sharon as a breeder.  She has been a wealth of knowledge and support in my puppy journey.  My recently acquired boy, Kivi, earned both his US and UKC championships by the time he was 13 months old; and is currently almost finished his Canadian championship.  He is not only smart, but beautifully structured and once his championship is finished, he will be competing for titles in obedience, rally, nosework and in whatever other direction his natural instincts take us.

Janna LaBerge

Aidan & Tara

It’s hard to find the right words to describe how grateful we are to Sharon for our new family members, Adan and Tara.
Last year, with our Eskie kids Casey and Chelsea getting on in years, it was time to look forward to re-building our family. I contacted Sharon in January hoping to get on what I thought would be a very long puppy waiting list. I’ve been watching the Westminster Kennel Club videos for years. For us, Inuk is a legend.
Within a couple of months, Sharon offered Aidan to us, her pick of the litter from Sept, 2014. We were thrilled. Adan came to us Feb 28th, 2015. After a long flight to Vancouver, my husband, John, peered into Aidan’s travel crate and after one look at John, Adan growled – but was a low key quiet growl. I knew he was scared so I reached in and pulled him out and gave him a big hug. His tail wagged and he broke out in a smile and he has been happy ever since. Casey and Chelsea warmly welcomed him into our home and showed him the ropes. Adan adopted them as surrogate parents and would curl up and sleep with them. Somehow Adan knew they were older and not quite up to his antics and so he was respectful of them from the start. A hallmark of good breeding and training from day one. At 5 months of age and full of energy, spirit and spunk, we set out on 3 long walks a day, activities to socialize him, lots of playtime at home and obedience classes throughout the spring and fall.
Adan is mostly full grown now. He has blossomed into a beautiful boy. He is very sweet and affectionate, never shows any aggression and always well behaved. His favourite thing in the world is to go to the doggy park and entice other dogs to chase him. He loves long runs and being chased. He has trained Tara to chase him at home. Adan has friends from Chihuahua’s to Great Danes. He loves to dive bomb us in bed at night – much like a fox who dives into his foxhole. Then when he is tired, he’ll sit with his rump on our chest and then eventually lay down across the top of us or besides us. He loves to watch birds outdoors and loves to watch nature shows on television that feature animals. He’ll bark incessantly when he sees Sharon’s puppy videos on a computer screen. His eyesight is so good, he was catching flies in the summer. He will take every opportunity to put his nose in your pockets and steal whatever he can. He is lightning fast at undoing your shoe laces. Tara does the same. Adan will try to make off with any toilet paper roll, paper towel roll or Kleenex he can reach. He loves to inspect every bag that comes into the house and stands on his tippy toes to sniff whatever he can on the kitchen counter.

Now that Tara has joined the family, Aidan has become responsible big brother. He has taken it upon himself to watch over Tara. He plays gently with her, ever so patient as she grabs a mouthful of his mane or bites one of his legs. He’ll rollover on his back with all 4 feet up in the air as she stands over him chewing on him.

Aidan’s Mom, Ember, gave birth to a litter on September 16th, 2015 and Red Girl was going to come to us. The beginning of December, John flew to Toronto to pick up Red Girl and bring her home. Very sadly and unexpectedly, Red Girl fell desperately ill. Sharon did everything she could to save Red Girl, but after great effort and expense, there was nothing that could be done to save Red Girl. The loss was tragic. Sharon was devastated. I was lost in grief.

Then a phone call came from Sharon. After her very painful loss of Red Girl, at a time of her deepest sorrows, she offered Yellow Girl to us – Red Girl’s littermate that she had planned to keep. It was unimaginable to me where she found the strength to withstand another loss. She was willing to put our interests ahead of her own. She was willing to alter her breeding plans. I was lost for words beyond my paltry thank you’s. Such consideration and generosity of heart is so rare. Sharon explained that dealing with puppy illness and loss was all part of being a responsible breeder. What an exceptional burden to bare. You sure do have to be strong to withstand such heartache. It takes extraordinary dedication to breeding to do what Sharon does so well.

Yellow Girl, now named Tara, has treated me like Mamma since the instant we met on Dec 9th, 2015. She is the most affectionate puppy I have ever had which is truly extra special. When I took her out of her crate at the airport, she clung to me and licked my face all the way home from the airport. From the minute she first set foot in the house, she has followed me everywhere. Since her first night with us, she sleeps on the pillow besides mine.

Tara is very intelligent. At 16 weeks of age now, she always comes when I call her name and I’ve never trained her to come. When we play ball, she’ll fetch the ball and bring it back every time. It was very easy to paper train her indoors when she first arrived. She picked a spot and that’s where the training pads go. Most of the time I get her outdoors for potty. It seems like she understands what she is told although we’ve barely begun training. She has adjusted to her new home so well, instantly really. She doesn’t seem to be scared of anything. We are starting puppy kindergarten with Tara and then will go through beginners obedience in the spring and advanced obedience in the fall.

In 2005, I founded the American Eskimo Dogs Organization of Vancouver. Through the years I have been in touch with Eskie breeders to help families get an Eskie. When it was time to re-build my family, I went to Sharon because she is the best. When you look at her pack, you can see how gorgeous and well bred they are, how well taken care of they are and how much they love her.

Sharon is one of a kind. She has such incredible passion, dedication, knowledge and experience. She is a delight to talk to and always makes the time to help you any way she can. We so appreciate all of her hard work in what she does for the breed, as the President of the National American Eskimo Dog Association of Canada, in her role helping other breeders, in the world of shows and competitions, with the media and all of her endeavors.

We hope Sharon can someday know how much love and joy she brings into people’s lives and we hope she will never stop what she does so extremely well.

Kathryn Lundy


Elphie (Nuuktok’s She’s like the Wind) is from the June 2012 litter. She’s our first Nuuktok dog and the fourth Eskie we’ve had in our home over a period of nearly 30 years. While each has been special in his or her own way, I have to say Elphie is the sweetest one we’ve known. She loves everyone, including our 15 year old male Eskie and two cats. She has charmed her vets and their staff, the instructors and my classmates in our dog obedience and agility classes, and the people we meet on our daily walks. She receives much attention for being a pretty girl, but more important is that the compliments and petting she gets from people have helped her become a well-socialized dog.

Elphie recently became certified as a therapy dog which qualifies her to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, hospices, schools and similar places. She passed with flying colors a 2 hour test conducted by a team of evaluators. In a room with 6 other dogs and more than a dozen people, Elphie was subjected to a variety of situations involving a wheelchair, a walker, a child bouncing a ball, loud conversations, and people crowding around her. She was unflappable throughout. At one point a male evaluator got down on the floor to “play” with the dogs, wrapped his arms around Elphie, pulled her toward him, and as she rested her head against his chest, the man said “I’m surprised; usually her breed growls when I do this.” The man hadn’t met a Nuuktok Eskie before. With her sweet face, soft fur, and calm and friendly demeanor, Elphie has all the qualities that make for a great therapy dog.

Elphie’s accomplishments as a Nuuktok American Eskimo Dog represent what is best in the breed. It is Sharon’s conscientious breeding program focusing on temperament, health and structure, her early socializing and temperament testing of the puppies, and the careful screening of prospective owners that send puppies like Elphie off to a great start.

Sharon was gracious enough to allow us the pleasure of becoming an adoptive home to a female puppy from the first litter of Inuk and Ember. Winnie graced our home commencing on December 23, 2014, and has been an absolute joy.

Since September of 1987, we have had two female American Eskimos in our home. Both of these dogs were very compassionate to those individuals they knew, but unfriendly toward strangers. At times their behavior toward outsiders, when walking them on a leash, was to the point of being frightening and embarrassing. Conversely, Winnie, our third American Eskimo, is the most loving and friendly American Eskimo that we have ever had in our home. It is our true belief that Winnie’s temperment is the result, not only of her excellent breeding, but of Sharon’s outstanding nurturing and distinctive techniques employed immediately upon the puppies’ birth. Sharon has stated that she employs the recommendation of Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia as incorporated in her paper entitled Early Neurological Stimulation, to ensure proper temperment in each and every newborn puppy.   This early stimulation has resulted in an attachment between Winnie and Lima that is truly something to behold!

Prior to our adoption of Winnie, we looked forward to the pictures and videos that Sharon would send of Ember and then of the litter, subsequent to birth. This communication has continued with Sharon, and the other adoptive families, through posts on Facebook and direct E-mails with Sharon. We would recommend her as breeder to anyone, and feel confident in saying that those fortunate enough to adopt a Nuuktok American Eskimo puppy would share a similar experience. Sharon truly is unique and deserving of all the accolades that have been forthcoming to her and Nuuktok American Eskimo Dogs.

Sincerely,Lima and Mike Yeager

Michael, Lee & Lumi

here are times in life when you are confident you know how to do something because you’ve done it before and it worked out really, really well.  But then you cross paths with someone who is vastly more experienced and knowledgeable and you are open to hearing what she has to say.   Then it turns out that dialogue broadens your perspective just enough that it makes everything even better the next time around.  That has been our experience with Sharon.

Our Lumi is a Nuuktok girl who is 19 weeks old at the time of this writing (January 27, 2013) and has been home with us since she was 9 week old.  She is truly the center and joy of our lives.  Lumi is smart, teachable, beautiful, spunky and feisty at times, sweet and bonded to us, and a full member of our family.

Sharon breeds and raises puppies that, first and foremost, will be as healthy as possible and that will integrate well into their families’ lives.   She is careful in the selection of new homes for her puppies and expects a lot of new Nuuktok owners – because she truly wants all of her puppies to have great lives.  Many breeders claim to do the same, but one of Sharon’s big marks of distinction for us  was that she engaged in a genuine, sincere, and transparent dialogue with us over a course of months beginning well before Lumi was born.  This not only allowed for initial mutual consideration of each other, but opened up for us new perspectives on raising a puppy in 2012/2013 that are proving to be invaluable.


Champ has grown from a cute mischievous small puppy to an almost full-grown (we hope) nine month puppy/dog that is still cute and still mischievous.  He is very bright and alert but, like most males, listens to only what he wants to hear.  He is still unsure of what he can and can’t do, but has learned the word “NO’.  So far he has ruined one of my tennis shoes, eaten part of the edge of the carpet (it is construction grade and was due to be replaced before Champ), partially destroyed a pair of Marianne’s slippers, eaten half of a $75 bank check (has expensive tastes), likes to go into the laundry bag and drag out Marianne’s underwear (he’s a male of course), and, thinks anything on the floor is fair game along with dish towels that use to hang from the oven handle.

He has boundless energy with a desire to play every day in the morning and again in the evening.  We humour him with our inability to catch him and/or whatever toy he has in his mouth.  He has, in nine short months,  caused his livelong Canadian buddy, “Panda”, to lose his eyes, ears, nose, and stuffing’s. Panda is now a mere shell (literally) of what he once was but it is still his favourite toy/companion.  Needless to say, he has many other toys and friends that he plays with.  The most recent is a red volleyball size lightweight ball which he enjoys banging around the house causing us to laugh out loud at his antics.  Given time, he would become an excellent soccer player as he is proficiently using his paws to direct the ball.

He not afraid of thunder or lightening, loves other people thinking they are all his friends, gets along well with most other dogs, and is fascinated with the sight of occasional deer. He jumps up on the couch, hanging his feet over the edge, and spends much time watching the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.  It seems like he is waiting for another deer sighting.  Incidentally, he is the only dog that we have ever had that is allowed on the couch.

Champ senses when we are going to leave and will get into his cage/crate even before we say anything to him.  He enjoys it in there and will go in on his own when he wants to sleep or get away from the noise.

From time to time we take him over to a friend’s house who have a one-year old Lab and a St. Bernard.  At first Champ was afraid of the two dogs and ran from them.  He soon discovered that he was faster and shiftier than the other two and has made a game of “Catch Me If You Can”.  He even taunts them when they tire.

He has also decided that he is a lap dog and at least once daily, jumps up in my lap when I am in the office, making himself comfortable and insisting on licking my face.  Champ then settles in and looks outside with me until he decides he wants down.

Champ is just a wonderful, wonderful house dog that we both love very much.  We are very happy that we waited as we did and chose you as a breeder. Your standards and screening for potential owners sets the highest standard for all breeders in Canada and the United States.  The efforts you went through to see that “The Lone Survivor” received the best of care in his early days for both his mental and physical growth is testament to your business/hobby of breeding quality American Eskimos.  We are not surprised that Nuuktok American Eskimo is the best in the business.
Rich & Marianne Neilson
Rich & Marianne Nielson


Amazing. That is how we describe Chinook, our Color of the Wind. As I write this Chinook is now 17 months.

When we had lost our dear Miniature American Eskimo at 12.5 years old to cancer I couldn’t imagine my life without another Eskie. She was my companion and very protective of me when my husband traveled. My heart was broken and I didn’t know how I would cope without my little friend. After much research my husband and I decided to apply for a pure bred Standard American Eskimo from Nuuktok. At first we were concerned about the in depth screening process and the contract we signed but now understand the reason why. They are not regular dogs- at least to me they aren’t. Sharon’s dogs are so precious and she wants to ensure her dogs are well cared for. She is always accessible for questions and the facebook group provides support and friendship from others who have her Eskies. I no longer have to worry about allergies or gastrointestinal issues my previous dog had. I feel confident in my dog’s health because of the testing she had prior to coming to us. Her coat is so beautiful, she is like cuddling a cloud.

Personality plus. Everything in Chinook’s world is a joyous game. Chinook’s intelligence makes her a keen learner. She knows the meaning of words such as kong, bone, ball, dish, daddy, bird and family member’s names. She is eager to please and she has mastered 3 sets of canine classes. I now know why Sharon strongly recommends canine classes. You need to channel that curiosity. Sharon knows how this breed thrives. Classes helped to mold Chinook to fit into our family life, or helped mold us to her.

Exercise & social skills. Chinook is my walking program. She walks well on a leash and I wear out before she does. During our walks her social skills have gained her many friends in the neighborhood. I have met my neighbors because of her, although I remember the dogs’ names better. When she meets another dog it doesn’t matter how big or small the dog is. She greets them and respects their boundaries. When playing with other dogs she doesn’t try to grab their toys, she runs beside them. It is like she has a sense of knowing that she needs to be respectful.

Love. Chinook is a happy and affectionate dog.  She loves to be with people. She sometimes thinks she is a lap dog and will flop her body over our knee as a way to get a scratch. She will not be ignored, ever. Especially by my husband who used to be more of a cat person. He now says he owns the front of Chinook and I own the back.  She has a sense of humor and sometimes I think she is laughing at me with her smiling face. She plays jokes on me. My clothes will be set out on the bathroom counter when I go into the shower. When I come out the clothes are on the floor but she is in the exact same position. I swear I see a smirk on her face and amusement in her eyes.

Chinook has brought so much joy into our lives. I cannot imagine not having her to keep us entertained. She is just what we needed.
Karen Laker

Shuttle & Harry

It’s been almost 20 months since Sharon sent  one of her amazing pups across the county to me. Right from the start I knew “yellow boy” would be something special and he certainly has been that. His temperament has been perfect. The vets love him and I think that’s the sign of a great dog. I ended up renaming “Akiak Nukilik” after my favourite sport badminton. “Shuttle” and I have been through many great times together and some trying times too. I think that’s only to be expected when living with another living breathing creature. He has been the perfect companion almost always and when he isn’t it hasn’t been his fault. And whenever I have been in need in these situations… Sharon has always been there, guiding me with wisdom and expertise. I knew from the start that Sharon cares for her breed like family. She has always kept in touch with me to see how I have been taking care of “Shuttle”. Even though we have never met I feel the dedication and love that Sharon has for her dogs. Thank you Sharon! You have my total respect for what you do and how you do it. If you ever need a referral, I’m the guy… or at least one of them!        (Dec. 2011)

  • My Experience
  • From my very first dealing with Sharon in searching for a high quality American Eskimo puppy, I could tell from the start that Sharon was more concerned about me than the puppy. Making sure the puppy was going to have a good home was of paramount importance to her. We talked for about a month before we were both comfortable with each other. From then on, it was very easy to complete the adoption. Sharon made sure that I knew what I was getting into. Yellow boy came on a westjet flight in April,2010 when he was only 10 weeks old. We renamed him Shuttle. From the first time I saw him, I knew that I have made the right decision. Both his looks and temperament are of the quality that you expect from a champion grade bloodline. He is almost 6 months old now and I have been able to take him on many walks and trips. He attracts so much attention. Everyone asks what breed of dog he is and makes sure to stop to pet him. He receives so many compliments because of his beautiful looks and friendliness both with people and animals. He is weighing a little over 28lbs right now and growing fast and healthy. I am so happy to have him in my life. I am going to get a companion for Shuttle from Sharon again in the near future as I have total confidence from this experience. Thank you Sharon!
    (August 2010)

Kilaun (The original one)

Too smart for his own good!

We found Kilaun at Nuutok American Eskimo.  After visiting many other breeders, Sharon’s philosophy of breeding and raising the pups wins hands down.  From a very early age, Sharon uses techniques to stimulate the pup’s mental and physical growth.  We loved the fact that the pups are raised as a family in the home with a very balanced pack.  This teaches the pups the right dog behaviours, social behaviours and human interaction behaviours.  Early training and agility exercises have proven to be key to Kilaun’s intelligence.
Kilaun is an Eskimo name meaning “drum”.  And boy, does this pup march to his own!
By the time Kilaun turned two, he understood an extensive vocabulary.  We can ask him to bring a specific toy like his monkey or his ball and he always gets it right.  But just like a kid, he leaves his toys on the floor and when I ask “Who made this mess?”, he’ll look at one of the kids!  We’ve resorted to spelling; for example “Did Kilaun get his W-A-L-K yet?”, otherwise he gets too excited.  As soon as a specific TV show theme song plays, Kilaun knows that it’s time to Check The Mail and runs to the front door – we now say      “C-T-M”!
Kilaun has an incredible sense of routine. Every morning he patiently waits for his walk and every evening he puts his chin on my lap looking for his “before bed” stroll.  We get a lot of comments on how beautiful and handsome he looks.  Kilaun has great genes!

Kilaun is a true blessing to our family; a loyal companion, a stoic watch dog and our best friend.

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